Mule Kick Productions​ is proud to announce the release of the upcoming full-length record by NOCONA​. Partnering with CPI/The Orchard and KG Music Press, “LOS DOS” will be available on July 10th. Look for the first single “Post Apocalyptic Blues” on June 19th. -- Country Music News Blog

"Expansive, thoughtful, and hard-rocking, Los Dos is an exciting serving of forward-looking roots music." -- Chris Morris, Variety

"Just when you think you know where you are with Los Dos, the Americana roots sound is suddenly infused with some very English influences on Tabernacle Woes, bringing the kind of Bert Jansch/Nick Drake arpeggio guitar picking that Chicagoan Riley Walker has adapted so well. It's just a layer of flavour, though, that's added to the overall sound, and one of several songs that comes with an almost cinematic feel. With the delicate flourishes of Xander Hitzig's fiddle accompaniment, I could certainly imagine Tabernacle Woes sound tracking many of the dark dystopian westerns I like so much." -- Whiskey Preachin'

"Their psychedelic, garage rock and punk influences proudly fuel rollicking tracks such as “Chester,” “Too Much to Lose” and “Unseen Hand,” while California country’s heritage warms the harmonies and waves of pedal steel, acoustic guitar and soulful organ swelling behind narratives such as “Ace in the Hole” and the witty “Post Apocalyptic Blues.” With its thrumming undertow of fingerpicked guitar, violin and steel, “Tabernacle Woes” is the biggest sonic surprise—vaguely reminiscent of “Brimstone” (from 2013’s “ NOCONA ”) but with an eerie Celtic twist." -- Bliss Bowen, Pasadena Weekly

“Los Dos is a really accomplished album from a band that have complete belief in themselves. One for the final Album of the Year list no doubt about that and a band to watch in the future. Wonderful album. Absolutely loved it!” — Hobo On The Tracks

"Southern California rock and roll with a lot of punk attitude, surprisingly adept lyrics, and somehow a hint of cosmic americana is uffusing it all". -- Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show


"I concur regarding the punk attitude. Not loud and electric, but more like Westerberg on an acoustic guitar. I particularly like “Tabernacle Woes” with subtle effects added to a pretty melody. Even though there are traditional folk instruments played this album shows that there is still a subversive, message filled, living history to Americana music (note “Post Apocalyptic Blues” as an example). I can hear some of the Kinks references style wise in some of the old fashioned rocking tunes, maybe with a little Flying Burrito Brothers mixed in, pedal steel and all. The band stretches out on “Unseen Hand”. Love the harmonica and fiddle fills too. Fine album!" -- Bill Rutsch, Americana Music Show

For myriad reasons, the City of Angels looms large over this record, with its mix of grit and glamour. Although the country music roots run deep throughout Los Dos, there are so many diverse influences going on here it's a record that defies attempts to pin it down. — Michael Hosie,  Whiskey Preachin' UK


“The group draws on country, folk, punk and even a bit of psychedelia to arrive at their rock sound.”-- Ditty TV


“Los Dos is the third album from Los Angeles band, Nocona and finds the band digging deeper into its bracing melding of hard-edged Americana and a keen punk-bred sensibility.”-- Glide Magazine

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