Despite an ever-growing audience for country music and renewed interest in the history of the genre, the story of its epicenter in California, The Palomino Club of North Hollywood (1949-1995), has not been documented. 


Our mission is to preserve the extraordinary history that California and The Palomino Club had on country and roots music and to share the untold stories through the last generation of Palomino artists.


California fostered and bred some of the biggest stars and lasting changes to this music and the Palomino Club was the meeting place for those who were lucky enough to have taken part in it. The California/Nashville contention is an issue of interest that comes up in many interviews with country artists from around the US. Though there was never a legitimate rivalry, the huge and lasting effect of California artistry and freedom continued to innovate and influence country music through the decades, though getting little credit for it.


Director Adrienne Isom and producer/writer KP Hawthorn have begun production on a documentary that will tell the story of The Palomino Club and its legacy. The two were part of the team responsible for reopening The Palomino Club for the first time in 23 years in October 2018. As artists in the California roots community, they have resolved to honor the history of their own musical ancestry.


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